Top 3 Reasons to Opt for Waste Wood Recycling

11 Apr
Top 3 Reasons to Opt for Waste Wood Recycling

Waste wood recycling happens to be an excellent way to get rid of unnecessary waste wood from your home, workplace or building. This will help you a lot in minimizing the risks of fire hazards, clearing up a lot of space in your warehouse and also protect the environment. Many companies and organizations are opting for recycling of wood as part local social welfare schemes. If you are not doing wood recycling yet, these reasons will provide you with enough motivation to begin doing so.

It is energy-saving

When compared to virgin timber, it stands as a sustainable alternative. Wood that is recycled contains about 20% moisture as opposed to virgin wood which has moisture content ranging between 60 and 70%. Recycled wood uses much less amount of energy at the time of processing and also lasts for more amount of time.

It helps save forests

A report from Harvard University states that over 95% of native forest area in the US have been cleared already and wood has already become a very valuable resource. Every effort is being made in order to avoid indiscriminate felling of trees. Projects are being initiated to use recycled wood to heat up nurseries, schools and public buildings. With timber recycling Adelaide, you can save forests and trees, which are highly necessary for the preservation of the environment.

It fetches a good price

Even if the thought of helping in the preservation of the environment does not look tempting enough, consider the fact that selling wood for recycling purposes. If your wood happens to be in more or less god condition, you can hope to get better money by selling your waste wood to a recycling facility. In case you have sufficient amount of pallets in good shape, contact an agency that specializes in refurbishing of pallets and get paid for waste wood.

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