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3 Ways To Reduce Green Waste With The Help Of Certified Professionals

3 Ways To Reduce Green Waste With The Help Of Certified Professionals

Green waste is a problem that everyone has to deal with. It is not just limited to the homeowners but all workplaces also have to deal with it. Gardens generate waste in their natural growth rate. Hence, it is important that you get rid of them in order to keep your surroundings clean. There are different ways to get rid of your green waste.

You can even hire the professionals for green waste removal Adelaide so that they help you get rid of the waste effectively and consciously. Thus, read on the blog below to know more about the unique ways to get rid of green waste.

Grass cycling

Grass cycling is a term which is not popular amongst the people, solely for the fact that this method is not opted by everyone. Generally experts opt for the grass cycling method as it is a great way to manage large amounts of green waste.

Grass cycling is nothing but recycling or composting lawn clippings right on the lawn itself. This process creates mulch which, in turn, provides great nutrients for the plants.


Apart from composting grass clippings, you can compost other green waste in the garden as well. To do this, a compost pile is created using organic food and grass waste. The pile is dampened and spread out in such a way that air passes through it. Over the time, the pile transforms into mulch which is great for providing nutrients to the plants.

For more information, you can also read this blog How Can Commercial Green Waste Removal Service Providers Help You?


Vermi-composting is another way to reduce green waste. This is a special type of composting in which worms are used to make compost out of food waste. This process is especially useful for commercial and industrial spaces as a large amount of food waste is generated from there. Even if you have limited garden space, chances are that the Vermi-composting method will be suitable for you.

The three methods mentioned above are perfect to get rid of green waste effectively. All you need to do is get in touch with one of the popular agencies offering rubbish removal Adelaide services. You can get the first month of service free as well, given that you hire the services before 31st of August.


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Get Rid of Your E-Waste: A Quick Guide

electronic waste recycling by Adelaide Eco Bins

For the sake of your planet, please make sure to recycle your e-waste. As easier as it may seem to throw away electric wires or to burn chips, these type of wastes generally end up in landfill. This ultimately contributes to the bigger disaster of global pollution crisis. Hence, whether the waste products are acquired through office or domestic base, it is important that you get rid of them by hiring the professionals. This will not only benefit you in the long run but the planet as well.

Hence, for this purpose you need to get in touch with one of the popular companies offering electronic waste recycling Adelaide services. The professional experts will guide you regarding the proceedings of the same.

Computers, phones and tablets

It’s a good idea to wipe the data off your phone, computer or even hard drive before you recycle it. You wouldn’t want your personal information to be misused by sketchy recyclers. Hence, it would be ideal to provide all the equipment, with all the information erased to one of the popular waste management companies.

Tech accessories

According to statistical research, more than 70% of the gadgets used by humans can be recycled. Hence, the phone that you use that eventually ends up in landfill can actually be effectively recycled.

These electronic items can be repurposed into a number of different types of products. Hence, the more these are re-claimed, the less energy is used for the production of newer products.


The way that the batteries can be recycled totally depends on the type of products that are used for the manufacturing of the same. Alkaline batteries are 100 % recyclable while mercury batteries requires the separation of the hazardous chemicals before the procedure of recycling.

Light bulbs

Light bulbs aren’t technically e-waste, although CFL’s, fluorescent bulbs and tubes contain mercury which can be really harmful for the environment if not dealt with properly. Unfortunately, iridescent bulbs are not recyclable but these are non-toxic in nature. You can ensure that the metal and glass in the bulb get a second life.

Therefore, make sure to contact the help desk for an effective electronic waste recycling procedure. A credible company specializing in recycling and proper disposal of a variety of electronic waste can do the needful.

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